New Additions and current thoughts

So, it has been feeling like COVID has been starting to fade just as WW3 might be upon us. I surely hope that the both go away for a very long time. I can’t even begin to process complete thoughts on the past 2 years or what the future might hold.

And so my thoughts turn to far less important subjects, never forgetting that our ability to work the “Hangtime thing” helps promote vineyards, farmers, winery personnel, truckers, restaurants, retailers, warehouses……..the list is very long. I’ll always be focused on how this venture/experiment/collaboration can “contribute” in some kind of meaningful, impactful way.

We welcome to the family in the last month, or so Dancing Crow Winery from Lake County, CA and a new Importer, Wine 4 The World.

Dancing Crow brings us another reason why Lake County has always been on Hangtime’s radar. High-elevation vineyards, responsible farming, generous spirits and balanced wines at the right price.

Wine 4 The World becomes the latest importer to join us and we wish we had been with them for years. Their spirit and intent is in lock step with what we value in wineries and the people behind them. We will begin with just 2 wineries from Spain but look forward to adding more organic/bio/natural wines…and many by women winemakers….in the future.

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