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So, it has been a wild year and I have no idea if anyone will see this but I feel compelled, either by the coffee or the unexpected time on my hands at present to say thanks.

We have had a crazy journey this year, trying to stay healthy, sane and retain some measure of humanity throughout all of it. My group at Hangtime has put in an immeasurable effort and soul into this venture. I can’t thank them enough.

Our customer base has also been at the top of their game, doing their best to stay human, in spite of all that these times have thrown their way. They have been generous with their time and patient beyond belief with the disruptions in the supply chain.

I could never imagine this industry surviving the way is has so far…….and that doesn’t mean that it has not been without sacrifice. More than a few partner accounts did not survive. Despite their best efforts, the difficulty operating in this space was too much. They deserve a better outcome.

As we veer towards another year, another few steps forward, we need to continue to reach out to our industry with an open heart. Our market is filled with great, caring, thoughtful people. Our ability to join them on this uncertain road ahead is our challenge. Let’s get to it!

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